You are currently viewing If you want to visit the USA, find the US tourist visa checklist here.

If you want to visit the USA, find the US tourist visa checklist here.

US Tourist Visa Checklist is one of the most valuable visas. We serve visas for the US. Here we give the US tourist visa checklist. We will help to take you through the different steps. This will make you hamper-free from getting the visa.

By contacting or coming into our office, you can get a visa for the United States. Applying for a US visa is simple when done through our agency.

You can only get a pleasant, secure visa application from us. Here is a US tourist visa checklist for your favor.

How many types of USA visas are there?

A foreign national who wants to enter the United States needs to first get a visa. He or she is on hold of either a nonimmigrant visa for a short visit. He or she also can get an immigrant visa for long-term habitation. Anyone wishing to enter the nation for non-immigrant purposes can apply for:

  • Business (visa category B-1)
  • Tourism (visa category B-2)
  • A combination of both purposes (B-1/B-2).

Business (B-1)

  • Consult with colleagues at work.
  • Attend a convention or conference in your field of professional or academic interest.
  • Deal with an estate.
  • Talk about a contract.

Tourism (B-2)

  • Tourism
  • Vacation (holiday)
  • Visit with family or friends.
  • medical attention
  • Participating in social meetings organized by patriotic, social, or service organizations
  • amateurs who participate in sporting, musical, or similar activities or competitions for free
  • Enrollment in a short, non-degree-granting study program for leisure.


US Tourist Visa Checklist

Travel-Related Purposes Aren’t Allowed With Visiting Visas

The following are some examples of tasks that need different sorts of visas. These are unsuitable for people with visiting visas:

  • Study
  • Employment
  • Any skilled display, whether paid or in front of a paying audience
  • joining the crew of a ship or airplane
  • Work in journalism, radio or other informational media as a foreign press reporter.
  • living in the United States

Authority will not permit birth tourism on visitor visas

(trip with the sole intent of giving birth in the US to get their kid US citizenship).

How do you apply for a US Tourist visa?

A visa application involves many steps. Depending on the US Embassy or Consulate, you might not complete these tasks in the same order. You can contact our agency. Our agency will help you to get a visa.

Our high-end visa consultancy service employs a 360-degree strategy. It includes every nation on earth. It allows you to customize your visa application to match your profile.

The appropriate visa documentation depends on a few different factors. We thus look into the client’s history and travel habits.

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US Tourist Visa Checklist

US Tourist Visa Checklist and Gather Required


  • Personal Address / Phone / Passport Info
  • NID Number:
  • Present and Permanent Address:
  • Mailing Address;
  • Travel Info:
  • Purposes of Visit
  • Specific Travel Plan
  • Date: Flight Info:
  • Location Plan to Visit in the US
  • The address stays in the US
  • The previous visit in the US VISA Refusal
  • US Contact Info
  • Contact Person in the US
  • Organization Name in the US
  • Relationship
  • US Contact Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Family Info
  • Father’s / Mother’s / Spouse
  • Name / Date of Birth
  • Work / Education / Training Info
  • Present Employer Name and Address
  • Previous Work History
  • Educational information with address
  • Training Information with address
  • List of Country Visited (Previous)
  • Any Professional / Social / Charitable] e Organizational membership.


You can’t rely on guarantees from family and friends in the United States. The visa applicants must show their eligibility. It depends on the place of the house and links overseas. A visiting visa application does not need an invitation letter. It also does not require an affidavit of support.

Keep in mind that if you decide to bring an invitation letter or an affidavit of support to your interview. The authority doesn’t take into consideration whether to grant or reject you a visa.

You Need to Attend the interview for the visa, in the visa interview.

You need to fill out all your information. Then the authority will call you. They interview you for selection.

A consular representative interrogated you to find out your eligibility for the visa. For granting a visa, you must prove that you fit the conditions set forth by American law.

As part of the application procedure, they take digital, ink-free fingerprint scans. These are often taken throughout your interview. It varies depending on where you are.

Enter the USA

A visa enables a foreign national to travel to a port of entry in the United States (often an airport). He/she applies for an authorization to enter.

Entry into the United States is not guaranteed by a visa. At the entry, there are representatives from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

There are also US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). They have the power to grant or prohibit entrance.

The CBP agent will give you an entrance stamp or a paper Form I-94. They give it before they approve your entry into the country.

 The US Tourist visa checklist for medical care needs extra documents.

At your visa interview, the consular officer may request more paperwork. It is for receiving medical treatment in the US, such as:

  • A medical diagnosis from a local doctor describing the nature of your condition.
  •  Why you need treatment in the US.
  • A letter from a doctor or medical facility in the US indicates their willingness to treat your particular condition. And also outlining the expected length and cost of care.
  • Evidence confirming your living, medical, and transportation costs in the US This could take the form of verified copies of income tax returns. They also take bank statements or other types of financial statements.

US Tourist Visa Checklist

Personal or domestic employees’ visitor visas (B-1)

In some circumstances, you may apply for a B-1 visiting visa. The visa is for working in the US as a domestic or personal employee for your business. If your employer is one of the following, you may work there while on a visiting US tourist visa checklist:

  • A citizen of the United States who resides abroad there but is here on assignment or for a brief visit; or
  • A foreign national who is present in the country on a B, E, F, H, I, J, L, M, O, P, or Q category of nonimmigrant visa.

The process of renewing your US tourist visa checklist

You can apply for the first time or renew your visa.

The process will follow the same application procedure.

The Interview Waiver may be available to some applicants. It is for specific visa classes who wish to extend their visas (IW). It permits qualified people to apply for visa extensions. In this case, without having to meet with a US consular representative for an interview.

Requirements of Chinese Citizens for Visiting the USA 

The United States and China reached an agreement to extend visa validity. It began on November 29, 2016. Chinese nationals who hold B1, B2, or B1/B2 visas are valid for 10 years.

Citizens of China will need to have their biographical and other information updated. Every two years, they update it from their US tourist visa checklist application.

It depends on which comes first: obtaining a new passport, a B1, B2, or a B1/B2 visa. The Electronic Visa Updating System (EVUS) is the name of this technique.


The US is one of the best counties in the world. You can visit the country with a visa. People may face trouble acquiring a visa. We will help you for getting a visa. You may call our phone number at +8801315403803 (WhatsApp). Through our agency, you can see all US tourist visa checklist. We also provide a US tourist visa for you. 

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