You are currently viewing Turkey Tourist Visa Checklist | Turkey Visit Visa Requirements

Turkey Tourist Visa Checklist | Turkey Visit Visa Requirements


  1. Valid Passport
  2. Old Passport (if any)
  3. Two Photos (2×2)- White Background Color- MATE PAPER
  4. Document certifying financial capabilities

(i) Income- Tax- Return Certificate – MANDATORY

(ii) Bank Statement 6 Months with Certificate

  1. Accommodation Details
  2. Invitation Letter
  3. National ID Card + Birth Certificate + TIN Certificate
  4. Visiting Card + Company NOC Certificate / Business Documents (for business person)

Turkey Visit Visa Requirements

Turkey Tourist Visa Checklist | Turkey Visit Visa Requirements Information On Visas For Foreigners

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry introduced the Electronic Visa. They introduced (e-Visa) Application System on April 17, 2013. With the help of this system, travelers to Turkey can apply for their e-Visas online.

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A tourist visa is indeed a formal document or stamp. It enables travel and leisure when a person is away from home.

  • Passport:

The passport must still be valid six months after the desired travel date. The applicant’s current passport has two blank pages back-to-back. They don’t accept alterations and handwriting. From the first to the last page, there is a clear photocopy. The applicant must submit any older passports they may have.

  • Application for a Visa:

There must be correct information on a visa application form. In completing the state, there may be Block letters, and the applicant must sign them.

  • Photograph:

Recently, two 2″ X 2″ images were on a white background. The image shouldn’t have any borders.

  • Turkey Cover Letter:

Address the cover letter to the Turkish Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • Forwarding Letter:

There is a letter from the employer’s office, such as a NOC/LOI letter,

on the organization’s letterhead pad,

listing the applicant’s name, designation, passport number, the reason for the visit,

roles they will be playing while there, how long the visit will last,

their contact information, and any other data.

  • Plan of the Tour:

Applications must provide a complete itinerary. How long they will remain, where they are going, and other details.

  1. Office I.D. Card
  2. Copies of the visitor’s card and office ID (3 copies).
  3. Company Memorandum

If the applicant owns the firm, the applicant needs a scanned copy of the company memorandum.

  • Bank Account Statements:

The applicant must provide a copy of their recent six-month personal bank statement. Together there is an authorized bank stamp and a signature. He or she must also provide the name and phone number of the bank.

  • Certificate of Personal ITR:

The applicant must submit three tax returns from the last three years.

  • Bank Records for the Company:

There are the bank’s name and phone number in a copy of the sponsoring firm bank statements. It is for the past six months together. It is with an authorized bank stamp and signature (If the company sponsors the trip)

  • Company ITR Certificate:

The applicant must produce a copy of the employer’s income tax returns report. The report is the latest three years’ worth of income tax returns. The license needs approval from the appropriate authorities

(if the company pays for the visit).

  • Airline Ticket Itinerary: 

A confirmed itinerary with the applicant’s flight’s departure and arrival hours.

  • Hotel Reservation: 

He or she must specify the hotel or resort in the trip’s schedule.

Turkey Tourist Visa Checklist

Turkey Tourist Visa Checklist | Turkey Visit Visa Requirements

  • E-Visas are available 7/24 wherever with an internet connection. After providing the required information on their identity, passport, and dates of travel. After paying the online visa fee, applicants can get their visas.
  • Please keep in mind that an e-visa is only valid for business or tourism-related travel. Turkish Embassies and Consulates grant visas for different reasons, like job and study.
  • Diplomatic, service, special, and official passports are all referred to as “official passports.”

It is kindly requested that you arrive in Turkey with a travel document or passport. It remains in effect for at least six months following that day.

The Ministry of Overseas Affairs is still working on getting the visa from the e-visa system. 

In this instance,

– The e-Visa system will soon offer language options in Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, 

German, Arabic, and Chinese, besides English, French, and Spanish.

– They accept credit cards and debit cards for payment besides Visa and Master Card.

– Tour operators may submit group e-Visa applications and make lump sum payments for them.

– Preparations will be made to allow approved airline company offices. It also includes those situated at airports to issue e-Visas to overseas tourists.

Truck drivers’ visas may differ from a country’s normal visa regulations. call one of our hotlines at +8801315403803 (WhatsApp) for details.

The holders of travel documents from any nation. The visa policies that apply to its residents must first get it from Turkish embassies.

Foreigners who plan to do research or an archaeological excavation for a documentary. They should request specific permission in advance from the Turkish government.

For up to 90 days, you do not need a house permit if your visa is current. Regardless of the length of their visa, foreign nationals are planning to work or study in Turkey. They should register with the local police station that is closest to them.

turkey tourist visa checklist / Turkey Visit Visa Requirements for Bangladeshi

Bangladeshi nationals travelling for up to 90 days are not needed to have a visa. Suppose they are travelling on a diplomatic or official/service passport.

Every day passport holders must have a visa. These passport holders may get their single entry, one-month e-Visas using the website if they meet certain requirements and have a valid

 Schengen Tourist Visa, USA, UK, Ireland visa, or residency permit.

Turkey Tourist Visa Checklist

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