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Schengen Tourist Visa Checklist | Schengen Visa Requirements | Schengen Checklist

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What Documents are Required when Applying for a Schengen Visa?

All applications for short-term Schengen visas must include the following list of documentation:

Application for a visa: Completely filled out and signed.

There must be two recent photographs attached: 

The visa photo criteria state that both photos must be within the previous three months.

An active passport: 

It must be no more than ten years old. It is also valid for at least three more months after the day you intend to go to the Schengen Tourist Visa Checklist. Dated passports with visas (if you have any).

Round trip reservation or itinerary:

The Dates and flight numbers state arrival and exit from the Schengen region. You can use services like this one that offer visa consultations. These people can take care of the majority of your visa procedures. It includes flight and hotel bookings and free email consultations.

Schengen Tourist Visa Checklist

Travel insurance policy: 

A statement indicating you have traveled with health insurance. It covers the entire Schengen region. It has the least coverage of 30,000 euros in the event of any medical emergency. It also includes diseases, accidents, and even repatriation in the event of death. From Europe Help, the Insurance insurance is available to buy online.

Proof of accommodation: A document that details your accommodations throughout your Schengen visit. There are several possibilities for this:

  • Booking a hotel or hostel.
  • A contract for renting.
  • A letter inviting you to stay at their home from the host.

Proof of financial means:

Proof that you can sustain yourself while in Schengen. There are several possibilities for this:

  • Statement of your bank accounts:- It demonstrates you have enough funds in your account to cover the trip. It is not possible for the statement to be older than three months.
  • Letter of Sponsorship:- 

 By a second individual who certifies they will be paying for your travel to the Schengen area.

  • This letter requires a three-month-old sponsor bank statement.
  • A sponsorship letter along with a statement from your bank.

Proof of paid visa fee: Adults pay €80, while kids aged 6 to 12 pay €45.

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Schengen Visa Required Documents :

Tourist Visa Checklist For Schengen. | Schengen Visa Requirements | Schengen Checklist

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Old Passport (if any)
  3. Two Photos (2×2)- / 35×45 White Background Color
  4. Document certifying financial capabilities

(i) Tax-Income Certificate (if any)

(ii) Bank Statement 6 Months with Certificate- (Personal and Company).

  1. National ID Card + Birth Certificate + Marriage Certificate (If married)
  2. Visiting Card + Company NOC Certificate / Business Documents (for business person)
  3. FDR / DPS / SCHANCHOYPATRO – if any
  4. Evidence of income from Property or Land
  5. Person to travel
  6. Family Information (Father + Mother + Brother + Sister + Son + Daughter)-(Name and Date of Birth)
  1. Invitation from Company or any other sources
  2. Journey start and end date
  3. Business History with documents – Trade License + TIN+BIN + Incorporation certificate and Memorandum of Articles + Form XII- (If Limited Company)

Note: Other documents after assessing your file (if required)

Schengen Visa Requirements

Which nations have attained the status of Schengen states?

The Schengen Area is made up of 27 European countries.

  • They no longer conduct any passport inspections.
  • Near their common borders, additional types of border control.

 The countries have all acceded to the Schengen Agreement. So, they are thus Schengen states. 

Croatiathe Czech RepublicDenmark


All EU members, except for Ireland and Cyprus, are thus included in the Schengen area. But Bulgaria and Romania currently only apply a part of the Schengen rules. If these three nations don’t join Schengen, internal border passport checks will continue. Along with the before named EU nations, other Schengen states include 

  • Liechtenstein

  • Switzerland

  • Iceland

  • And Norway.

Schengen Tourist Visa Checklist holders—whose text is in their country’s language—can travel if their visa is valid. “valid for Schengen states”—may spend up to 90 days in the Schengen region in any 180-day period. Schengen states offer a majority of national resident permits. They also offer national category D visas. It is for a long-term visit of more than three months. Non-Schengen EU countries may need a different visa.

How long does the visa remain valid?

A tourist visa allows for stays of no longer than 90 days. Suppose you plan to travel outside of a single Schengen nation. Then you may fill out the “multiple entry” gap on the application form. By doing this, you will have complete freedom. You can enter and exit the Schengen Area at any time during the validity of your issued visa.

Schengen Visa Requirements

Is it possible to extend a Schengen visa for tourists?

Only a handful of very limited circumstances—including:

  • Late Entry

  • Humanitarian Reasons

  • Force Majeure

  • Important Personal Reasons

Yet, keep in mind that there is little likelihood of getting your Schengen visa extended. Your application requires reasonable justifications. So authority granted a tourist visa extension.

What is The Schengen Agreement?

All member states’ internal borders are open to Schengen nationals. That is without requiring their passports. The holder of a Schengen visa gives permission to travel within the entire region. It is for up to 90 days every six months.


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