You are currently viewing Malindo Air Dhaka Office Address, Phone Number, Ticket Booking

Malindo Air Dhaka Office Address, Phone Number, Ticket Booking

Malindo Air Dhaka Office headquarters are in Second Floor, Nagar Shefali, House #09, Road #17, Block E, Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh. Malaysia is where Malindo Air is based. Its main office is in Pedaling Jaya. One of the two newer IATA codes is OD. Malindo Air is a partnership between Lion Air of Indonesia and the National Aerospace and Defense Industries of Malaysia (NADI). Malaysia and Indonesia are the countries whose names are put together to make Malinda. It has regular flights to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. Malindo Air has offices in Dhaka and Chittagong, both in Bangladesh.

Contact For Air Ticket:

+8801516338033 (WhatsApp)
+8801315403803 (WhatsApp)

Please remember that we only sell tickets for Malindo Airlines. This website has nothing to do with Malindo Airlines.

Office of Malindo Air in Dhaka

Address: Second Floor, Nagar Shefali, House #09, Road #17, Block E, Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh

Number to Call: +880 1777775582-83 & 5585

Office Times: 10:00 am to 04:00 pm (Sunday-Thursday)

The official site is:

Malindo Air Dhaka Office

Malindo Air’s Dhaka office is in Bangladesh

The airline goes to more than 20 places on two continents. There are plans for the airlines to add more international destinations. They want to grow, so they are looking for a new craft to add to what they already do. They want to add more routes in Asia as part of their growth plans. Some of the ships in its fleet are Boeing and Bangladesh.

Office of Malindo Air in Chittagong

Address: Bangladesh, Chittagong-4000, 4th Floor, Delwar Bhaban, Plot 104, Agrabad Commercial Area

Number to Call: +88 031 252 1591, +88 031 252 1592

Fax: +88 031 252 1593

Office Times: From Saturday to Thursday, 10 am to 6 pm.

Customer Service at the Malindo Air Bangladesh Office

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Malindo Air Dhaka Office, Bangladesh, lets you book your ticket online

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How does Malindo Air work?

Malindo Air could become a full-service airline. It is a partnership between Malaysia’s National Home and Defense Trade (NADI) and Indonesia’s Lion Air. His career started when he was in the military, and it has now spread all over the world. From its main hub in Kuala Lumpur, the airline runs both Slim and Turboprop Craft planes. Malindo Air wants to make more people aware of its business model and full-service products by reorganizing. The airline is almost done buying out Batik Malaysia, but delays often occur. The Lion Cluster wanted to work with one of the world’s biggest international airlines to use Malindo to transport people through the Kuala Lumpur International Aerodrome Malindo Network.

About the sales office for Malindo Air in Dhaka

Malindo Air Malaysia’s main office is in Petaling Village, Selangor, Malaysia. The word “Malindo” comes from the name of the Asian country, which is also the name of the Republic of Indonesia. The two countries signed a deal to work together. The Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and the ruler Abdul Aziz Shah Airport have planes that take off and land there. In 2002, a younger airline member was the first to fly the plane. It became a member of the IATA in 2017.

Malindo Air Dhaka Office

History of Malindo Air and Major Events

Since AirAsia from Malaysia started flying to Lion Air’s home country of Indonesia, Indonesian airlines have used a subsidiary airline to enter the Malaysian market. AirAsia Indonesia worked with its parent company to buy the Indonesian airline Batavia Air, but the deal fell through because of government rules, and Batavia Air went out of business. The deal could start a tornado war between Lion Air, the biggest low-cost airline in Indonesia, and AirAsia, the biggest low-cost airline in Asia.

Malindo Air’s new Chief Military Officer is Mr. Chandon Roma Murthy, the Public-Private Assistant for Lion Air. The first airline took off on March 22, 2013, when Shah Shah Kamala International Airport’s landing zone and Shahjalal International Airport H. Bhatta, 5kg (Bangladesh), were given out for free (excluding planes with 5kg and 4kg limits). The first airline to use Malaysia Airlines in its Hybrid Craft division was Malindo on June 2. This gave Malaysia Airlines powered Wi-Fi service, service, and low fares.

IFE helps the Department of Economy’s 9-inch touchscreen and 11-inch touchscreen gesture-enabled (swiping, scrolling) businesses work with Panasonic’s website. The business department takes care of the needs of the whole department. The airline also grew its parallel turboprop service, putting all of its attention on the second route within a 24-hour radius of Abdul Aziz Shah Airfield. On June 2, many people flew to places like Penang, Johor Bahru, and Kota Vrouw.

The airline could change Malindo Air’s name to “Batik Air Malaysia” as early as 2727. This airline could fly internationally and be a subsidiary of Batik Air Indonesia on its domestic route. The airline has added the Batik Air Malaysia logo and lever to its planes. On May 26, 2016, Malindo made a deal with Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways to share flights.

In April 2017, as a member of Malindo Air IATA, it got the International Airlines Agency (IATA) certificate. The airlines have kept their IOSA registration, which is good until June 3, 2018. Instead of the current CEO 32020, September Taish, 2019, Air has been named the new CEO, and Chandra Ramamurthy has been named the Cluster Director.

International Locations


BangladeshIndonesiaSri LankaHong Kong
MalaysiaSouth KoreaJapanSaudi Arabia





Reservation for a Malindo Air flight

The largest airline in the world, Air India, lets you book your flight through the following ways. Over the years, as we’ve traveled through and booked flights through websites, we’ve tried to give you options that only require a little work. In addition, air India gives you access to a wide range of networks and lets you shop at your favorite stores.

How much can you bring on Malindo Air?

According to airline policy, you can bring more bags. Any time, airlines can change their rules about bags. You are about to break the law if you bring something that isn’t allowed on a plane. Check your bags and follow the rules to stay out of trouble.

Those are things you can’t bring on a plane

Weapons, real or toyDarts
Weapons and ammunitionScissors
Explosives and items containing

explosives (fireworks or firecrackers)

Knitting hooks
Knives of any kindCorkscrews
Cutlery made of metalThe laser pointer
SlingshotShaver blades
Tool for tradespeopleNeedles and syringes for hypodermic injection

(if for medical purposes, you

have brought the medical certificate to confirm it)

Getting a ticket on Malindo Air

Please ensure your ticket is good at least eight hours before your flight. This can help you ensure that your flights and flights are on time. Contact the airline or company that gave you the ticket to find out if it is still valid. You’ll check the ticket by getting in touch with us and charging us for the use of Maine as a whole. It is important to check and confirm your ticket at least eight hours before the time you need to board. This can help you keep the ticket without any trouble. Check the tickets.

Malindo Air Dhaka Office

Important Malindo Air Frequently Asked Questions

Is there alcohol on board Malindo Air?

Malindo Air gives its passengers soft drinks and other drinks. Some of these are tea, coffee, fruit juice, and alcohol.

Can a power bank be used on Malindo Air?

No, you can’t use a power bank on Malindo Air. This is because power banks have dangerous cell batteries inside.

Can the name on my Malindo Air ticket be changed?

  • Once they are given out, booking reference numbers cannot be changed or used for a different passenger.
  • It’s free to change your name by up to three (3) characters that sound the same.
  • You will only get in trouble if you add or take away up to three (3) characters.

What does a cabin bag mean?

Hand luggage or cabin baggage are the things a passenger can bring into the plane with them. You can bring your purse, laptop bag, and other bags into the cabin if the security checkpoints check them.

Is Malindo Air an airline with low fares?

It’s a low-cost airline that gives you a lot for your money.

Malindo Air has offices in Dhaka and Chittagong where you can get all the information you need about your air tour. This post has given you all the information you need to make your trip easy.

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