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 Malaysia eVisa for Bangladeshi | Malaysia Visa for Bangladeshi

Bangladeshi people who meet the requirements can apply for a Malaysia (eVISA). You can get a Malaysia e visa for Bangladeshi through the Malaysia Visa Online Portal.

The portal link is as long as you follow the rules and limits. Through the web-based eVISA system, a person can apply for a Malaysian visa in a quick, easy, and safe way. 

Contact for Malaysia eVisa Processing for Bangladeshi

  • +8801516338033 (WhatsApp)
    +8801315403803 (WhatsApp)

Address for Malaysia eVisa Processing Dhaka Sales Office

Plot 126 (ROSE PALACE), Road 108, Shikhder Real Estate, Western Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209. 

Visa categories for Malaysia for Bangladeshis

Since you intend to go from Malaysia to Bangladesh, you must be aware of the many types of visas. You can do this to find out more about the kind of visa you need to apply for.

Let’s learn more about the sort of visa before we discuss Malaysian visas from Bangladesh. 

  • Malaysia Tourist Visa
    • Malaysia Employment Visa
    • Malaysia Business Visa
    • Malaysia Medical Visa

    Malaysia EVisa For Bangladeshi

    Who is eligible to apply for Malaysia e Visa?

    Passport holders from Bangladesh may apply for an eVISA. Yet, first-time Bangladeshi visitors are only permitted to apply for a standard visa. They are not eligible to submit an eVISA application (Sticker visa).

    People with eVISA must upload their previous Malaysian visa. It is a part of the application process. eVISA is currently only accessible for travel between Dhaka and Kuala Lumpur. 

    Validity of Malaysia eVisa

    A person who has an eVISA can stay for almost 30 days per visit. Only one instance of a given application is permissible at any one time. Extensions are not permitted. 

    Documents Necessary of Malaysia eVisa for Bangladeshi (Electronic Visa)

    You have to submit some necessary documents. Here mentioned those documents’ names. You need to Upload it with your application.

    • Traveler
    1. A recent studio portrait of passport size
    2. Passport photocopy (biographical page and personal data page)
    3. A confirmed round-trip ticket
    4. Birth certificate (for applicants who are minors)
    5. A letter of solvency and a recent six-month bank statement
    6. A previous entry-exit stamped Malaysian visa. 
    • Expatriates and students (Visa with Reference)
    1. Letter of Approval for Visa (Eval)
    2. Passport photocopy (bio-data page and personal data page). 
    • Health
    1. A recent studio portrait of passport size
    2. Passport photocopy (biographical page and personal data page)
    3.  A letter from MHTC-registered physicians
    4. A bank statement from the last three (3) months.

    Malaysia EVisa For Bangladeshi

    Payment Mode and Fee for Malaysia eVisa for Bangladeshi (Electronic Visa)


    Types of fee/chargesAmount(.BDT)
    Processing FeeBDT2,500.00
    Visa FeeBDT600.00


    1. Payment must be made online visa a credit card only

    2. Bank’s charge and VAT: BDT 262.50

    Processing time of Malaysia eVisa for Bangladeshi (Electronic Visa)

    You will receive an online application. You will get an eVISA will within 48 hours on working days. But, if more checking or verification is necessary, the processing may take longer. 

    Make a print copy of the Malaysia eVisa.

    An email will be the primary form of communication with you. It is important that you keep an eye out for any email notifications from us.

    We will send the eVisa through email. You can print your eVISA at home or at work. 

    Visiting Malaysia with eVisa for Bangladeshi (Electronic Visa)

    When entering Malaysia, the following documents you need to provide at entrance checkpoints: 

    • Your eVISA printout, first.
    • Money to cover your spending in Malaysia (cash, traveler’s check, debit card, or credit card).
    • Verified Returning of the airplane ticket.
    • Evidence of accommodation

    What is Malaysia eVisa for Bangladeshi (Electronic Visa)?

    It Is an official document that grants you entry to and travel inside Malaysia. A link between your passport and the Malaysia Tourist eVisa exists. 

    What do I need to submit for a Malaysia eVisa application?

    You can apply with the aid of iVisa’s service. We only need a few pieces of data and paperwork for the entire process: 

    • Candidate Picture
    • Scan of personal data from a passport
    • Passport’s last page (if applicable)
    • Minor’s Birth Certificate (if applicable)
    • Evidence of House (if applicable)
    • Assurance from the airline
    • One-Way Ticket
    • Evidence of accommodation
    • current three-month bank statements (if applicable)
    • Account Statement (if applicable)
    • Case Study (if applicable)
    • Request Letter (if applicable)
    • Letter of Minor Consent (if applicable)
    • Associated Document (if applicable)
    • Owner’s ID (if applicable)
    • Travel Schedule (if applicable)
    • Previous Bangladesh visa or Malaysia visa pass (if applicable)


    We will let you know if the government needs more paperwork following submission. 

    Malaysia EVisa For Bangladeshi

    What purpose does the Malaysia eVisa serve?

    The Malaysian government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs will issue your Malaysia Tourist eVisa.

     We use Malaysia’s eVisa system to process your eVisa application. We put the information you gave us into the system. They will look at it and let us know the result of your eVisa application. 

    How long does it take to submit an eVisa for tourists?

    Not more than ten minutes. You’ll need that much time. We’ll handle the rest and email you the application status soon. 

    What happens if I wish to bring my kids?

    Additionally, to travel to Malaysia, they must get an eVisa. They also need the minor’s birth certificate and other parental paperwork. 

    How do my relatives submit an eVisa application?

    If you want, you can carry it out for them. To create the web application, make sure you have all the supporting documentation. Another option is to add their details by clicking the “add new applicant” button. 

    Is it secure to get my Malaysia Tourist eVisa via eVisa?

    We provide a trustworthy service. Our separate data centers protect customer accounts from online filtering. Our service’s first aim is to make our customers happy and let them go to new places whenever they want. 

    Malaysia Visa Fee from Bangladesh

    You now know how to apply for a visa to Malaysia from Bangladesh. This time, we will be aware of the Bangladeshi visa fee for Malaysia. 

    And if you’d want extra information, get in touch with us at the number provided. You’ll be able to learn more about your journeys and trips by doing this. 

    Conclusion: The Malaysia eVisa for Bangladeshi is one of the easiest processes. It reduces processing time and is very user-friendly. You don’t need to hire a broker. All the process is online. You can connect to us for your Malaysia eVisa. Call


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