You are currently viewing Emirates Airlines Dhaka Office Contact Number, Address, Ticket Booking

Emirates Airlines Dhaka Office Contact Number, Address, Ticket Booking

Emirates Airlines Dhaka office is at 52 Gulshan Avenue and South Breeze Square on the 7th floor. Emirates’ headquarters are in Dubai, UAE. 

Dubai International Airport serves 140 destinations in 81 countries on six continents. This makes it the biggest airline in the Middle East. 

Here are the ways to get in touch with Emirates Airlines Dhaka office.

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Contacts for buying air tickets

  • +8801516338033 (WhatsApp)
    +8801315403803 (WhatsApp)

Please remember that we only sell tickets for Emirates Air. This website is not connected to Emirates Airlines in any way.


Emirates Airlines Dhaka Office


The address of Emirates Airlines in Bangladesh is

Emirates Airlines Dhaka office phone, fax, email, address, and hours are here.

Emirates Airlines only has a Dhaka Town Office. 

Emirates Airlines’ contact information is below.

Address of the Emirates Airlines office in Dhaka

South Breeze Square \s52 

Gulshan Avenue (7th floor)\s

Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

Emirates Airlines Dhaka Office Reservation, Phone Number


Email Address for the Emirates Airlines Dhaka office (reservation inquiry) (sales inquiry)

Contact information for the Emirates Airlines office in Dhaka

Saturday to Thursday: 09:00-18:00

Off day: Friday

Website for Emirates Airlines

Address of the sales office for Emirates Airlines in Chittagong

ABC Air Limited, No. 91, 

Agrabad Commercial Area, 

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Contact Numbers for the Emirates Airlines Chittagong Reservation Office

+88 031 72 5647

+88 031 72 5648

Emirates Airlines Chittagong Office Fax Number

+880 31 72 3253

Emirates Airlines Office Hours in Chittagong

Sunday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Saturday: 09:00am-13:00pm

Off day: Friday

Address of the sales office for Emirates Airlines in Sylhet

ABC Air Limited No. 502, 

Taltola Sylhet 3100, 


Contact Numbers for the Emirates Airlines Sylhet Reservation Office

+88 0821 711 201

+88 0821 711 302

The fax number for Emirates Airlines’ office in Sylhet

+88 0821 712 153

When is the Emirates Airlines office in Sylhet open?

Sunday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Saturday: 09:00am-13:00pm

Off day: Friday

Questions that answered the Emirates Airlines office in Dhaka

Emirates Airlines Online Check-in, Booking, Cancellation, Rescheduling, Boarding, Visa Services, Baggage Allowance.

Airport lounges, visas, in-flight meals, airport transfers, lost luggage, immigration services, valet parking.

Airport Internet, In-Flight Entertainment, Airport Facilities, Flight Delays, Arrival Visa, First Class.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Emirates Airlines International Customer Care

+971 600 555 552

Online Check-in for Emirates Airlines

Note: Between 48 and 90 minutes before your flight leaves, you can check in online.

  • 90: You should be at the airport at least 90 minutes before your flight.
  • 60: You must go through security at least 60 minutes before your flight.
  • 45: Gates close 20 minutes before takeoff, and boarding begins 45 minutes before.

Baggage Limits for Emirates Airlines

Economy checks 35 kg, Business 40 kg, First 50 kg, depending on fare. 

All three cabin classes can check ten bags if underweight.

Phone Numbers for Emirates Airlines Baggage Services

+880 28901663

+880 1713069896

Check here for information about checked bags, extra luggage, and fees

Skywards by Emirates Airlines

Emirate’s frequent flyer program has won awards and is free to join. It will change the way you see the world for good. 

It’s now easier than ever to sign up and start getting more Miles faster and in more ways. 

Membership lets you earn and spend Miles with Emirates and a wide range of partners. It also gives you access to services and benefits that make every trip more enjoyable.

About Emirates Airlines

Dubai-based Emirates is the largest Middle Eastern airline. It has 3,600 flights a week to 154 cities in 61 countries on six continents. 

Dubai International Airport has the fourth-largest global and planned income for traveler kilometers. It is also the second-biggest port for cargo. UAE moved 60 million people in 2015.

The UAE has over 60 planes, including the Airbus A360, a Boeing, and two airport terminals. Join the Skywards Frequent Flyer Program if you have a lot. You can use the points you earn for new flights and other purchases. 

Also, in airport terminals, you’ll be able to watch an Emirates relaxation for people. Click here if you want to join Skywards.

 When people go to the Emirates website, they can definitely look for flights and book them. You can book hotels, save vehicles, sign up for your flight online, check the status of your flight, and do a lot more. 

Emirates lists top objections, offers/limits, and food/drink options. You can change a reservation you already have by adding it to your online record. This is a simple way to take care of your outing without calling or emailing client help. 

On the record page, you can drop, rebook, choose a seat, print a schedule, and book a feast.

The Emirates Smartphone app lets you book and manage reservations on the go. You might find out about restrictions on flights and bags. How much you get back for your bags depends on the movement class. 

Economy-class passengers can bring 30 kg, business-class 40 kg, and first-class 50 kg. US airlines let you bring two 23-kg bags that split into three pieces. You can look at the baggage guide to find out more about restrictions, how to pack, and so on.

You know that you can book trips and things to do in Dubai. Top-tier and business-class Dubai travelers who have traveled far can join a group. Your needs for food, transportation, and ease of life are all met.


Emirates Airlines Dhaka Office

10 Important Facts About Emirates

Emirates has ten surprising and interesting features.

1. The biggest fleet in the world

Emirates is one of the few airlines in the world that only has wide-body planes. In fact, the Gulf carrier only has two types of planes: the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 777. It’s important to know that Emirates has the most of both types of planes in the world. 

All these planes add up to more than 240. One good thing about a flight like this is that each of the 98244 seats offered by Emirates is almost the same. Also, it is the only airline in the world where every single seat has its own screen. 

So, it’s true that you get what you pay for.

2. Dubai Airport is the third busiest airport in the world

Did you know that Dubai International Airport is the third busiest airport in the world? Only Atlanta Jacksonville Airport and Beijing Capital Airport have more passengers. 

Although these two airports serve domestic traffic, DXB handles most international traffic. Even though 2010 was only 7 years ago, 83.6 million people went through Dubai Airport in 2016. This is almost twice as many as in 2010. 

Stranger still, 56 million of those 83 million people were on an Emirates flight. The airport in Dubai is also a hub for Emirates’ sister airline, Fly Dubai.

3. Not a part of any group

Emirates is the only major airline in the world that is not part of any alliance. This may come as a surprise since Qatar Airways and other important airlines are. 

The three largest airline alliances—Star Alliance, with Lufthansa and Thai Airways. One World, with British Airways and Qatar Airways, and SkyTeam, with Aeroflot. 

And China Southern—have always tried to recruit the Middle Eastern giant.. They did not succeed, though, and everything they did was for nothing. Reports say that CEO Sir Tim Clark does not like those networks all that much. 

He would like for Emirates Airlines to stay on its own. Emirates has flight-sharing agreements with Qantas, South African Airways, and Sri Lankan.

4. There are showers and a bar on board

Now, take a deep breath before you get too excited about your next Emirates flight. First-class passengers who paid thousands can use the shower and premium bar.  Emirates doesn’t guarantee sky showers for first-class suites.  

The Emirates Super Jumbo is the only Airbus A380 that has a shower. Even though the First Class section of most Emirates 777s looks nice, it doesn’t have a bar or a place to take a shower.

5. People from more than 150 different countries make up the cabin crew

Did you know that most of the 20000 cabin crew who work for Emirates are from Britain? Since there are about 20 flights a week between Dubai and the UK, this makes sense. 

Emirates cabin crews are from at least 12 countries and speak 12–18 languages. The UAE is foreigners and has few natives.

6.The first flight from Dubai to Karachi happened in 1985

Emirates began in 1985, so it has been around for a little more than 30 years. On October 25, 1985, the Royal Family’s Boeing 727 flew the airline to Karachi, Pakistan. 

Flight EK600 was an important moment in history. 30 years later, the airline would fly 3,600 times a week to 150 cities in 80 countries.

7. The longest flight offered by Emirates takes 17 hours and 25 minutes

It would take about 17 hours to get from London to New York. After that, you can get a Starbucks coffee in Manhattan before flying back to the UK. 

The world’s longest flight is the Airbus A380 from Auckland to Dubai. 

On March 2, 2016, the first flight EK449 took off. At the time, it was the longest flight in the world. But in 2017, Qatar Airways took over and started flying from Doha to Auckland every day.

8. A fan of football around the world

Emirates is a successful airline and an established global brand. It appears to have grown up sponsoring soccer teams and events worldwide. 

Emirates supports AC Milan, PSG, Real Madrid, and Arsenal London. 

This shouldn’t be a surprise. The Emirates is the name of Arsenal’s home stadium. It is one of the newest football stadiums in the world. Emirates was a big sponsor of the FIFA World Cup as well. Here’s something from the past for football fans. 

In 2014, when Mario Götze scored the winning goal for Germany against Argentina. The Emirates logo was on the advertising board right behind the goal. And about 3 billion people around the world saw it.

9. A well-known cricket sponsor

Emirates Airlines funds Cricket Australia, Lord’s Taverners, and Pro Arch Tournament. The shirts of international cricket umpires are also part of the branding. 

Emirates is a partner of the International Cricket Council as of right now. Emirates will play all major ICC tournaments, including 2011–19 Cricket World Cups. Emirates Riverside and Emirates Old Trafford Cricket Ground sponsor Durham County’s Twenty20 shirt. 

It also helps pay for the Lancashire County Cricket Club’s shirts. Emirates was also a major sponsor of the Kings XI Punjab during seasons 2, 3, and 4. In Season 5 of the Indian Premier League, it sponsored the Deccan Chargers.

10. Four times Skytrax Airline of the Year

Popular Emirates Airlines. Dubai is its headquarters. In 2016, the brand was worth $7 billion in US dollars, which is something to keep in mind. 

Also, Emirates was 2001 Skytrax Airline of the Year, 2002, 2013, and 2015. This is the highest award an airline can get in its field. 

The Top 100 is compile from polls of over 20 million international passengers. Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, and ANA ranked highest in 2017.

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Emirates Airlines Dhaka Office

FAQs About Emirates Airline

What kind of sets can you find on Emirates?

On Emirates Airline, you can choose from three different kinds of sets. Think about Economy, Business, and First Class as an example.

How many planes do they have?

By 2022, Emirates Airlines plans to have 254 passenger planes. There are also ten planes that carry goods.

How do I change a reservation on Emirates?

You can change your Emirates flight by getting in touch with us. Call us at 01713-289178 right away.

Does Emirates Airlines feed people while they’re flying?

Yes. Emirates serves meals. Your plane ticket already includes it.

How to Ask Emirates Airline for Money Back

Yes, you can get money back for your plane ticket. Go to their official site to do this. When you get to this page and click “Submit,” you need to fill out all the boxes with your information. 

It will fill out a request for a refund on your behalf.

What is Emirates Airlines PIR number?

Property Irregularity Report is what the Emirates Airline PIR number stands for. It’s made up of ten letters and numbers. Your plane ticket has it above your name.

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