Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket Price & Flight Schedule

We all love to travel to get rid of bustling life.  So people come to Cox’s Bazar all year round to spend their holidays.  A huge number of local and foreign tourists come here.  Enjoy the amazing beauty of this long sea beach. There is a huge crowd here even on any weekend.  Roadways are generally considered as the main route of transportation.  But it takes 10 to 12 hours to travel by road.

  So currently the tendency to go to Cox’s Bazar by air is increasing day by day. Within 1 hour one can reach Cox’s Bazar by plane.  You can go in the morning and go around all day and come back at night. Then let’s know about Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar air ticket price.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket Contact Number

+8801516338033 (WhatsApp)
+8801315403803 (WhatsApp)

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is the biggest tourist spot in Asia. It is the largest continuous natural sandy beach in the world.  It is a 155 kilometer long beach. It is about 150 km south of Chittagong, south- east to the Myanmar border.  Earlier Cox’s Bazar was known as “Panoa”.  Its literal translation is “yellow flower”.  Another name for it was “Palong”.  

The name ‘Cox’s Bazar’ is derived from Captain Hiram Cox (died in 1799).  He was a political candidate.  He served as Palonk in the British East Indies Company.  (As Superintendent of Cox’s Bazar today). The main attraction of Cox’s Bazar is the largest sea beach.  It is following Teknaf from the Bakkhali stream.  It is commonly called Cox’s Bazar Beach. 

But generally the beach is known as Cox’s Bazar city.  Cox’s Bazar, it is famous for its beautiful beach.  It is also famous for sunrise and sunset.  It has many unique attractions. To  see these things the number of tourists coming to Cox’s Bazar is increasing day by day.  Travel by air is very short and comfortable.  So its popularity is increasing.  But Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar air ticket price is a little higher.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Fly by Biman 

 Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar is the busiest flight route within the country.  It’s popularity is increasing day by day to save time.  There are numerous airlines operating here.  But among all 4 airlines, they are quite popular.  These are –

  1. Biman Bangladesh Airlines
  2. U S Bangla
  3. NovoAir
  4. Regent Airways

 U S Bangla, NovoAir, Regent Airways airlines operate daily flights from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar.  U S Bangla operates 14 flights per week.  Novo Air operates 28 flights per week.  Regent Airways operates 8 flights a week.  And Biman Bangladesh Airlines operates five flights a week.  Biman Bangladesh Airlines operates another flight route Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar (via Chittagong).

 But every airline has different fares.  Each airline’s facilities are unique.  So we will detail everything about each airline separately.

 Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket Price & Flight in Details

 Cox’s Bazar is the area of ​​most interest and tourism spot in Bangladesh. Travelling lovers visit here whenever they get a chance.  Cox’s Bazar is located in the very south- east of Bangladesh.  The sea beach of this town attracts people from all over the country.  At the same time, it continues to attract tourists from abroad.  It is the largest sandy beach in the world.  Its total length is 155 km.

 Every year many domestic and foreign tourists gather here to visit its beauty. For enjoying the beauty of this long beach come here.  Many tourists from outside the country come here via Dhaka and Chittagong.

 Air travel is the easiest way to travel.  It is fairly safe.  Saves a lot of time.  And can move very quickly.  Most importantly it is very comfortable.  Most divisions and major cities are accessible by air.  You can easily go to any city or Division very quickly in a short time.  So Cox’s Bazar city is most known for tourism.  So Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar air flight is very demanding. But Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar air ticket price is a bit more than others. 

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Flight Number 

Travelling from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar by bus and train takes a lot of time.  After travelling for so long, many people may get sick again.  It reduces the fun of travel.  But it is very easy to go from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar by plane.  No extra hassle for it.  Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, this route of Biman carries many domestic passengers.  It is the busiest route in the country.  Around 7 to 8 flights ply on this route daily.  So you can also be a short-term passenger on this route.

 Distance Between Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar

 The distance from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar by road is 412 km.  It takes about 10 to 12 hours by road to cover this distance.  But by air this distance is reduced to 306 km.  It takes only 30 minutes to 1 hour by plane to cross this route.  Flights are operated from Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport to Cox’s Bazar.  Travelling by this plane made our time much shorter.  That’s why you can reach there very quickly.

 Tourism Spots of Cox’s Bazar

 Cox’s Bazar district is a tourist area.  Apart from the beaches, there are many tourist spots here.  If you go for a trip to Cox’s Bazar, you can also visit the rest of the spots.  So for your travel advantages some of the places to visit in Cox’s Bazar are given below.

  • Labani Beach:

One of the attractions of Cox’s Bazar is Labni Beach.  This is one beach from various points included in Cox’s Bazar beach.  Laboni beach is a little away from the main Cox’s Bazar town.  Here you can see a beautiful view of tourists cycling.  Various things can be bought on the shores of this beach.

  •  Himchari:

It is located 18 km south of Cox’s Bazar beach.  It is good for a picnic.  It is a wonderful place for shooting movies.  The Himchari place is known for its waterfalls.  The road has open sea on one side and mountains on the opposite side.  Which makes Himchari’s journey terrifyingly beautiful.

  •  Inani Beach:

Located 35 km south of Cox’s Bazar.  This beach is within Ukhia police station.  The beach is full of golden sand.  The water here is very clean.  This beach is known for its shark free water. It is good for bathing.

  •  Kudum cave:

Kudum Cave is located in Teknaf Upazila of Cox’s Bazar.  It is an ancient cave.  It is located on the way from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf.  Location of Kudum Cave in Huaikong Hill.  It is the only sand cave in Bangladesh.  It is very popular with tourists because of its beautiful mountain environment, charming birds and wild animals.

  • Radiant Fish World:

It is a fish aquarium located in Jhautala of Cox’s Bazar district.  It is also called the Fish Museum.  There are about 100 species of sea and freshwater fish in this aquarium.  There are rare species of fish including sharks, piranhas, otters, turtles, crabs, seaweeds, sea urchins, bolls, jellyfishes, oysters, phangas fishes and many more.

  •  Maheshkhali Island

Maheshkhali Island is a hilly island in Cox’s Bazar.  It’s located in the middle of the sea. It is 12 km west of the city.

  •  Ramu Rubber Plantation

In 1960-61 rubber cultivation started in Ramu by checking the soil.  This rubber plantation located in Ramu is now known as a tourist area.  Its area is 2 thousand 682 acres.

  •  Ramu Buddhist Temple

Ramu in Cox’s Bazar has numerous tourist spots.  Ramu Buddha Mandir is one of them.  There are 35 Buddhist temples in Ramu.

  •  Shyamla sea beach

Teknaf is located at Shimla Puri Sea Beach next to Bahar Rham Union. Only fishing boats and fishermen are found.

  •  Mermaid Eco Resort

The resort is located in Pechardia village near Inani Sea Beach. It is a new attraction for travellers.  Many also call it Pechadia village.  On one side of this village are mountains, on the other side is a beach rich in zhauban.

  •  Shahpari IsIsland

Shahpari Island covers a wide area in Teknaf.  It is a village in Sabrong Union.  Once it was an island.  It has now detached from the mainland due to climate change.

  •  Sonadia Island
  •  Kutubdia Island
  •  Himchari waterfall 
  •  Dulahazra Safari Park
  •  Chera island
  •  Saint Martin Island
  •  Adinath temple
  •  Matar bari
  •  Inani Royal Resort
  •  Mathin’s kuup
  •  Marine Drive Road
  •  Darya Sagar

The way to buy Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar air ticket

Many people are thinking of buying air tickets to go Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar.  But they don’t know how to buy.  Many people don’t even know how to book a ticket.

 The easiest way to buy Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar air ticket is –

  1. You can book tickets through various travel agencies.
  2. You can directly go and buy your ticket by paying money.
  3. You can buy your ticket by online service.

 If you are free, you can buy tickets directly from the agency.  It will cost you less money.  Because online ticket prices are fixed a bit higher.  So if you go directly and buy the ticket, the price will be lower.  But booking tickets online is very easy.  No need to take extra trouble.

 Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar online ticket for flight

The present time is the time of technology.  Now there is no need to go to the agency to buy the Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar air ticket.  Tickets can be easily booked online, from the comfort of your home.  First go to their online page. 

There is an option to book tickets on their page.  Tickets can be booked by online payment.  Tickets can be booked by making simple mobile payments.  So for your benefit below are the addresses of the main 4 Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Air Agency online pages of Bangladesh.

  1. 1. Biman Bangladesh Airlines  
  2. Novo air  
  3. U S Bangla 
  4. Regent Airways 

You can contact any agency as per your choice.  Air travel is a very comfortable journey.

Schedule of Flight For Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Flight

 Biman Bangladesh Airlines, NovoAir, U S Bangla Airlines operate daily Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar flights.  Which airlines, on which day, how many flights are operated are explained below:

  1. Biman Bangladesh Airlines

 Saturday: 2 flights

 Sunday-Friday: 1 flight

  1. NovoAir

 Saturday-Friday: 4 flights

  1. US Bangla Airlines

 Saturday – Friday: 2 flights

  1. Regent Airways

 Saturday – Friday: 1 flight

 You can select any day for flight according to your choice.

Luggage Information for Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar air flight 

As per rules, an economy class passenger can carry up to 20 kg of luggage.  You can also carry up to 6 kg of cabin baggage.

 A business class passenger can carry up to 30 kg of luggage.  And the cabin luggage can carry up to 8 kg.

 But if you want to carry more luggage than this, you have to pay an extra fee.  Talk to your specific airline for this.  However, more baggage is not required to visit Cox’s Bazar.

 Best hotel in Cox’s Bazar

  1. Long Beach Hotel (4.5 Star Hotel)

It is luxury Hotel in Cox’s Bazar,

Inside there are 2 restaurants and an outdoor pool.

 Free WiFi and free parking facility,

 1 4 Kalatali Road,

 Hotel Motel Zone,

 4 7 0 0 Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

  1. Sayeman Beach Resort (4 Star Hotel)

 Outdoor Pool at Cox’s Bazar Beach,

 Hotel with restaurant

 Free internet and free parking facilities,

 Marine Drive Road, Kalatali,

 4 7 0 0 Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

  1. Hotel The Cox Today (3.5 Star Hotel)

 Outdoor pool, restaurant,

 Cox’s Bazar beach front hotel

 Free continental Breakfast, Free WIFI, Free Parking Facility,

 Plot 7, Road 2,

 Hotel Motel Zone, Kolatoli Road,

 4 7 0 0 Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

  1. Allegro Holiday Suites (3.5 Star Hotel)

 Cox’s Bazar Hotel with Restaurant,

 Free WIFI and Free Parking,

 Block A, Plot No-65,

 Hotel Motel Zone, Kalatali Road,

 4 7 0 0 Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

  1. Hotel Sea Crown (3 Star Hotel)

 Beachfront Hotel in Cox’s Bazar 

With Restaurant, Bar/ Lounge,

 Free buffet breakfast,

 Free WIFI and free parking facilities,

 Marine Drive, Kalatali New Beach,

 4 7 0 0 Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar air ticket price

People travel by air to save time for important work.  Air travel has become easy, comfortable for various airlines. They give various facilities to customers.  Airfare varies from time to time. 

It depends on the time of travel.  If you go during the on-season i.e. during the tourist season, you will have to pay a little more.  Since winter is the tourist season, you have to pay more during this time.  But the rest of the time the amount of money is not so much.  The amount of airfare for this period is given below.

 Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar route is not outside from this.  We will try to give detailed ideas about fares of all airlines.  It will be beneficial for you.  Below is the rental amount for at a glance.

  1. Biman Bangladesh Airlines air ticket price

Super Saver ————-    4 2 0 0 Taka

Economy Special ——    4 7 5 0 Taka

Economy Saver ——–    6 0 0 0 Taka

Economy Flexible —–    7 0 0 0 Taka

Business Special ——    9 0 0 0 Taka

Business Flexible ——1 0 0 5 0 Taka

  1. U S Bangla Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket Price

Super Saver ——– 4 6 0 0 Taka

Saver —————– 4 7 0 0 Taka 

Flexible ————— 7 2 0 0 Taka

Flexible Plus ——– 8 7 0 0 Taka

  1. NovoAir Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket Price 

Special Promo ———- 4 6 0 0 Taka

Promo ——————— 5 0 0 0 Taka

Special ——————– 6 0 0 0 Taka

Discount —————— 7 0 0 0 Taka

Saver ———————- 8 0 0 0 Taka 

Flexible ——————-  9 0 0 0 Taka

  1. Regent Airways Air Ticket Price of Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar  

Special Promo —————— 4 2 5 0 Taka

Super Saver ——————— 4 5 5 0 Taka

Economy Promo ————— 4 7 5 0 Taka

Economy Special ————– 5 2 5 0 Taka

Economy Saver —————- 5 8 5 0 Taka

Economy Restricted ———-  6 6 5 0 Taka

Economy Freedom ———–  7 2 5 0 Taka

Economy Flexible ————-  7 8 0 0 Taka

Economy Super —————  8 5 5 0 Taka

Economy Super Plus ——–  9 5 5 0 Taka

Business Discount ———–1 0 5 5 0 Taka 

Business Flexible ———— 1 1 0 5 0 Taka

Last Words

Everyone loves to travel.  A flight from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar is now within reach.  But Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar air ticket price is a little higher. Its  use is increasing nowadays.  The price of this ticket increases according to time, season.  Since winter is the tourist season, ticket prices are higher.  But for comfort, time saving, everything the ticket price will not seem high.  So you can also visit Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar air flight.

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