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China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office, Contact Number, Ticket Booking

China Airlines Dhaka Office

Do you want to know something about China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office Bangladesh. Such as contact number, address etc . Read the following careful and you will know everything.

There is no doubt that the people of this country are very fond of travelling. With such a large number of tourists and travellers. The demand for air travel has never been greater in Bangladesh. There are several well-known airlines which have operations in this country. China Eastern Airlines is one such company which has its offices all over Bangladesh.

Contact for Buying China Eastern Airlines Tickets

  • +8801516338033 (WhatsApp)
    +8801315403803 (WhatsApp)

    Office address

    Plot 126 (rose place), Road 108, Shikhder Real Estate, Western Dhanmondi,Dhaka 1209

    Contact Number



    Email address

    China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office

    Baggage Allowance for China Eastern Airlines

    China Eastern Airlines Dhaka office is the world’s largest low cost carrier. And the second biggest airline in China. The airline operates more than 350 flights to destinations in China. Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan.

    We report the free baggage allowance of China Eastern Airlines. so that you can easy pack up your bags and face no hassle in the airport with overweight baggage.

    China Eastern Airlines offers 5kg free baggage allowance for each checked-in bag. For further information, please refer to our Baggage Allowance page.

    How can I check my flight ticket for China Eastern Airlines?

    You will redirected to a page where you can find the flight schedule for your city. Then click on your preferred date, time and airport from the list given by the airline.

    In the next step, choose your preferred class of service. You can choose from Business. Economy or Premium Economy depending on the type of flight that you want to make.

    Once you have chosen your class of service. Click on ‘Check Availability’ button at the bottom right corner of the page. This will open another page where you will asked to enter all required. information such as booking code. And contact details like name email address etc . The next step is entering information about your passport number and country name. To check if there are any restrictions on entering China with this passport number. And Country name combination.

    You need to provide correct information about yourself. To ensure that you do not run into problems during check-in process. Or while boarding the plane if it happens that your passport number. Country name combination does not match with what displayed on airline website.

    Below are the countries you can to from China Eastern Airlines Dhaka office:

    China Eastern Airlines Dhaka to Kunming, Kunming to Dhaka China Eastern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines Dhaka to Beijing, China Eastern Airlines Beijing to Dhaka, China Eastern Airlines Dhaka to Hefei, China Eastern Airlines Hefei to Dhaka, China Eastern Airlines Dhaka to Nanjing, China Eastern Airlines Nanjing to Dhaka, China Eastern Airlines Dhaka to Shijiazhuang, China Eastern Airlines Shijiazhuang to Dhaka, China Eastern Airlines Dhaka to Taiyuan, China Eastern Airlines Taiyuan to Dhaka, China Eastern Airlines Wuhan to Dhaka, China Eastern Airlines Dhaka to Chengdu, China Eastern Chengdu to Dhaka.

    China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office

    Below are the China Eastern Dhaka Office travel classes:

    • first-class
    • super-premium suite
    • business class
    • premium economy and economy

    First class:

    Features a seat with a flatbed and islet with direct access to the aisle. The seat is also equipped with a personal entertainment system. The seat can also recline full and converted into a bed.

    super-premium suite:

    The seats can rearranged and have a sliding door and can  co

    The new seat made of leather, has a sliding door. A coffee table with storage space underneath and an electronic entertainment system.

    business class:

    Business-class seats come with recliners or angled flatbeds with exceptional hospitality. There’s also a full entertainment system and a comfortable seat back . That can raise to create more space.

    Business Class seating is in a 2-3-2 configuration on the Airbus A330 air-craft. Passengers have access to an on demand entertainment system with 15 channels of live TV. Music streaming services and free WIFI.

    premium economy and economy:

    If you are a passenger flying in the cabin . You can choose your meal in advance while enjoying the seatback entertainment . Or buy them once onboard.

    Passengers can also choose from a selection of food and beverages from the airline’s menu. Including hot and cold sandwiches, fresh fruit, coffee, tea and chocolate.

    China Eastern Airlines Food & Drinks

    China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office offers delicious boats that prepared by top chefs. The menu includes a variety of selections such as beef, chicken and seafood. The dishes include noodles, rice and vegetables in their preparation.

    The airline also serves drinks like coffee, tea and soft drinks. Some examples of drinks are Coke Zero, Sprite and Fanta Orange.

    How do you check flight status on China Eastern Airlines?

    China Eastern Airlines (CEA) committed to providing a punctual flight. Experience for its passengers. To do so, the airline informs its travelers about flight time changes.

    China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office

    About China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office

    China Eastern Airlines Bangladesh office headquartered in Shanghai.

    China Eastern Airlines Bangladesh has other businesses. Such as aviation real estate, aviation finance . The main business activities of China Eastern Airlines include charter flights. To South Asia and Southeast Asia. The airline also offers international air service to countries in Africa, Europe. The Middle East and Southwest Asia.

    Headquarter Of China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office

    China Eastern Airlines Dhaka office Headquarters is the headquarters of China Eastern Airlines. A Major airline company in China. It’s located at 2700 West Chang’an Avenue, Shanghai China and it has a floor area of 1.5 million square metros.

    The airline provides international air travel services to more than 150 countries . And regions worldwide through its network of more than 50 domestic airports. And 100 cities across the country.

    China Eastern Airlines founded in 1988 . And started operating flights from Beijing Capital Airport in 1992. In 1993, it became the first Chinese airline to fly to Europe . With a flight from Beijing to London’s Heathrow Airport that lasted over an hour.[5]

    In July 1995, it  liston the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. [6] thus becoming one of the first Chinese companies to list on a foreign exchange market.

    Achievements Of China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office

    CEAH has also won the title of “the most innovative brand in air travel” in 2013.

    In 2014, China Eastern Airlines awarded as one of the five most innovative airlines in the world by SITA. In 2015, CEAH won a total of 5 awards including “the most innovative company in Asia. “the best airline company for innovation”. In 2016, CEAH received recognition from MICE Magazine for being . One of the 25 Best Airline Brands Worldwide.

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